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Ben —  July 25, 2008 — Leave a comment

So I’m reading this book by Dan Miller, it’s an encouraging read:

I’ll give a little background about what I “DO.” I currently work full time as the Assistant Director at a hotel in the A/V department, that is my J O B. On the side, I “Create opportunities for Realtors to showcase and enhance their web presence through my photography.” Without having to literally spell it out for you, you can see where my heart lies. So, why am I so timid as to not do photography full time? Well, with a third child on the way, it makes for a VERY easy situation to say “I need the health insurance, I need the consistent paycheck, etc etc etc.” I’m working on that, because they are just excuses.


I’ve only just started reading this yesterday, but already I’ve become so encouraged at getting back to my original thinking of, “What I want to BE,” as opposed to “What do I DO.” I love photography, yet I know I have TONS to learn. With learning comes confidence, with confidence comes opportunity. I’m getting more excited just typing this.

Without going into too much detail, all I must say is if you feel like your “J O B” is as mundane as watching the grass grow, or if you feel you can’t get ahead because of unforeseeable circumstances, read this book! I’ll try to update as encouragement leads me. Hopefully there will be a transition in the making…
I took out “Day 2” in the title, because there is an actual WORKBOOK that goes along with this that I found. SO..once I’m done reading the book, I’ll start the workbook and try to blog my progress as it comes along. Oh, and be forewarned, it’s not that I read slow…it’s just that I am extremely busy, and the time that I DO read I really have to get my mind off of everything, and focus. So reading this book may take longer than most people. I am halfway done though… 🙂

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